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Snagging Great Home Schooling Materials

Okay. So now you have started homeschooling. You have your kid beside you, ready to learn from the best teacher there is. Now the question is: what are the things or materials you need so you can get on with it?

Let this article give you a lowdown on the necessary materials for homeschooling your child.

1. Educational Games

We are talking about Scrabble here. Wordsearch. Bookworm. Practically any non-boring material that can spark up your kid's imagination and at the same time can fully educate him.

2. Flash cards

Yes, flash cards are important because they shell out information one card at a time, making the absorption of knowledge more effective and more efficient.

3. Books

Needless to say, you need books like Spelling Plus, Math Facts in Five Minutes a Day, Facts Plus Almanac to keep your home schooling going. Don't forget literary books, dictionaries, and books that have all these science factoids.

Avail of the following books especially designed for home schooling:

1. "First Year of Homeschooling Your Child"

Written by Linda Dobson, this book is jampacked with information on home school methods and other tips on how to survive the first year of your kid's homeschooling.

2. "Home Schools: An Alternative: You Do Have a Choice"

This well-researched book from Cheryl Gorder is all about philosophies, perspectives and advantages of home schooling.

3. "Homeschool Handbook"

This Mary Griffith book is a must-have for those who are still planning to put their children in homeschooling.

4. "You Can Teach Your Child Successfully: Grades 4 to 8"

This book, written by Ruth Beechick, tells you how you can effectively teach your kids.

5. "Homeschooling by Heart: A Mom's Road Map for Making It All Work"

Written by Kristina Sabalis Krulikas, this is a nifty manual that lets you fully organize household and homeschool duties.

6. "Learning at Home: A Mother's Guide to Homeschooling"

This book from Marty Layne instructs the mother on how she can efficiently be a doting parent and a great teacher at the same time.

7. "Home Schooling on a Shoestring."

A collaboration of Melissa L. Morgan and Judith Waite Alle, this is brimming with information on how to pull off homeschooling even if you are running on a minimum budget.

Now that those materials are all enumerated, isn't it time to buy any of them so you can start out homeschooling right away?


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