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Organize Your Home And Profit!

Be devoted to improvements. Organizing your home will entail much self discipline. Whereas home organizations will not happen as quickly as one imagines, a commitment to having an organized home is the key. One must look at organization as part of your daily routine around the home, making your home stress free and a relaxing place to come home to.

Don't rush. Organize a place at a time. Start with clearing out the kitchen cabinets and drawers on one weekend, then the master bedroom and its closets next, then the children's room, etc; this will be easier to tackle and will immediately give you a feeling of accomplishment.

Separate and eliminate. Sorting out your belongings is one important step to achieving an orderly home. Take out all things that you seldom use, keeping only the very important ones. For instance, if you want to keep your child's christening outfit for remembrance, just hold on to his booties instead of the whole attire.

Keep things reasonable. After removing all unnecessary and excessive items, store the remaining items in a certain place based on how often they are used and what those items are used for. Frequently used items may be placed in an area that is easy to reach.

Create a daily, weekly or every other week organization routine. You need to clean and clear away things from your home periodically to achieve an organized pattern always. Having a day each week for clearing or just for putting things in order and in their places will help you maintain what you started.

Sell all your clutter. You can earn a lot by putting up a yard sale, which will consist of all the clutter that you have just cleared from your closet, your kitchen cabinets, your bathroom drawers, your home office shelves and from every other room in your home.

You can set up a yard sale every month, once there are enough unnecessary things you have collected over each weekend that you have cleared your home.

Yard sale guidelines:

1. Try to check and ask with your area's local officials so you know the regulations on holding a yard sale.

2. At least one or two weekends prior to your sale, take the time to visit yard sales near your locale. Check out what they sell, what individuals are buying, how the pieces are tagged and priced, how the sale is advertised. Take note how the items are being displayed.

3. As you already have many items from clearing your home, now is the time to start on pricing them. Just be reasonable when you price your items. If you come across older dishes, an old flower jar or urn, an old sketch or painting, etc. have these appraised at an antique shop before you place the tag.

4. Set the date. Be sure that it is not a holiday, such as Labor Day or Mother's Day, as these holiday celebrations will often get more attention from most people.

5. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the best days for yard sales.

6. Put advertisements in the newspaper, on school and office bulletin boards and on the internet. Put up attractive and colorful signs around your neighborhood; be creative, make sure that it catches the attention of passers by.

7. Before you display your items, clean them, making sure that all appliances, cookwares and jewelries sparkle. Arrange them well in an attractive but accessible manner; hang clothes on racks by sizes.

8. Start as early as 7:00 in the morning, never close at noon and lower your prices after 1:00 in the afternoon.

9. Items that did not sell in the sale can be donated to orphanages near your area.

A yard sale is a fun way of clearing and organizing your home while making money at the same time !


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