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Kiddie Games For Kiddie Fun

What can be more enjoyable than a kiddie party? All those fun foods, party hats and mascots that make children's parties so much fun! But the fun aggrandizes the moment everyone starts with the games!

What are the best games for these cute kiddie parties? Read up and get some ideas so the next time you throw a party for your five-year-old, it will be a blast!

1. Limbo.

An upbeat music, a limbo stick and the kids just go together. The limbo master must keep his body from sticking to the stick while he is limbo-ing.

2. Balloon Target

This is fun because upon blowing up a balloon, the kid allows it to deflate and hit a target!

3. Blind Cow

This is like a guessing game wherein within a circle, the kids listen to a bell and find out where it is.

4. Charades

Let the kids act out the names of cartoon characters, persons or animals and make sure they don't talk!

5. Copycat

This is one silly game as the children simply copy each other's movements.

6. Creepy Crawlies

This is another guessing game in which a kid acts out a kind of insect and everyone guesses what insect it is.

7. Dress Up Relay

This is a relay race where the kids get to dress up in hilarious clothes and race against each other to the finish line.

8. Freeze Tag

This is a game of tag when the kid does not move or is "frozen" in his place.

9. Ha Ha Ha

The rule of this game is simple: laugh until everyone does!

10. Heads Up Seven Up

This is a guessing game intended for huge groups of kids.

11. Hide and Seek

Who does not know how to play this game? Kids love hiding and having someone seek for them!

12. I Love

This game solicits "aww" because the kids are asked to think of all the things they love.

13. Kick The Can

This game is a fusion of hide-and-seek and tag.

14. Mother May I

This is the game for kids where they ask their "mother" to take funny steps before they get tagged.

15. Pinata Party

Every kid loves a pinata party! They just have to break the pinata open to get all those candies inside.

16. Sock Mania

This is where kids put as many socks as possible on one foot.

Make sure every kid plays these games and the party will surely get a hundred times better and crazier!


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